Masterclass - Organic matter input


20 January 2022

02:00 pm


Masterclass - “How to use organic matter most effective and efficient within the legal limits?”

During this masterclass we aim for an in-depth discussion about  the most successful strategies to effectively use organic matter within the tolerable legal limits. Dr. Ir. Gera van Os (AERES Hogeschool, NL), expert on sustainable soil management in the Netherland will introduce the topic.  Dr. Ir. Koen Willekens ILVO, BE) expert on Soil management in Belgium will discuss the challenges of on- farm composting. Finally we have invited farmer Clive Baley (UK) to share his practical experience with organic matter input on his farm. 

Presentations are in English questions can be asked in English, Dutch, German and French

Participation in the masterclass is free, but pre-registration is required!
Please click on the following link to register: Registration

20/1/2022 14:00 - 15:30 (Brussels time!)