Masterclass Agroforestry - Agroforestry on your farm?

During this masterclass we take a look at the possiblities of agroforestry in north-west Europe.


  • What's agroforestry? (Tijmen Hoogendijk, ZLTO The Netherlands)
  • Agroforestry: a French example (Yann Pivain, Chambre d'agriculture de Normandie France)
  • Eastbrook Agroforestry (Ben Raskin, Soil Association, United Kingdom)

(Language: English)

Agroforestry in the UK

Find out how we’re working with farmers to achieve our goal of over half of UK farms having agroforestry systems in place by 2030 in this documentary video, featuring our Head of Horticulture and Agroforestry, Ben Raskin.

(Language: English, subtitles: English)

Agroforestry on upland farms in the UK

Three upland farmers talk about the benefits of giving their livestock access to trees and hedgerows, and why it's good for the animals, soil health, biodiversity, the environment and the bottom line.

Meet Andrew Barbour from Mains of Fincastle in Perthshire, Glasnant Morgan from Pwllyrhwyaid Farm near Brecon in Wales and Freya Meredith from Lower Withecombe Farm on Dartmoor in Devon.

We also hear from Luke Dale Harris, Innovative Farmers silvopasture trial coordinator from FWAG SW, and Kate Still from the Soil Association Farming Team.

(Language: English, subtitles: English)