Farmer testimonial UK

Staffordshire farmer Clive Bailye talks about his experience of cutting synthetic inputs with minimum tillage, cover crops and companion cropping.

(Language: English, subtitles: English, Dutch)

Farmer testimonial France

Farmer Emmanual Landeau, from Pays-de-la-Loire (FR), talks about his experience with direct seeding and non-inversion tillage. 

(Language: French, subtitles: Dutch, English, German)

Farmer testimonial France

Farmer Pierre-Yves Brillant of La Selle-Craonnaise in Pays-de-la-Loire (FR) stopped using inversion tillage techniques some 15 years ago. Watch the video and discover the benefits of direct seeding and permanent green cover crops.

(Language: French, subtitles: English)

Tillage trial Hooibeekhoeve

Hooibeekhoeve has been running a tillage trial since 2014. In this video you can see the tillage in the autumn of 2019. Deep and shallow no till, rotary tiller, crankshaft seed drill and ploughing are covered.

(Language: Dutch, subtitles: Dutch, English)

Non inversion tillage (ZLTO)

ZLTO advisor Tijmen Hoogendijk talks about non-inversion tillage.

(Language: Dutch)

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