FAB in the field

To collect information on FAB measures, trial fields are being monitored by partners in their different pilot regions. A lot of farmers have also started implementing FAB measures in their fields, or have extended the FAB measures they were already taking. 

The information gathered on partners’ and farmers’ fields is being collected in an online knowledge base on the online platform WOCAT (World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) of the United Nations.

Meanwhile in each pilot region FAB learning networks have been set up in which farmers exchange knowledge and experiences. We’ve taken the opportunity to interview some of these farmers and you can find the WOCAT files and the interviews with the farmers here

We’ve also created a FAB Farm Decision Support Toolkit which gives an overview of useful tools (apps and websites) to help farmers decide which FAB measurement could give the best results on their farm or situation.

Want to try a tool on your own farm or just in your garden at home? Take a look at the different apps!