Fodderbeets: how to choose your variety?


Fodder beet is back in the spotlight more and more. In five years, the acreage in Flanders has increased by some 20%. In the Netherlands, the area has even increased sixfold in that period! An obligation of the 3rd crop from the CAP helps explain the success, but the favourable impact on soil quality, the climate-robust crop and the tasty feed they provide ensure that fodder beet is given the place in the farm it deserves.

To achieve a successful crop, besides good cultivation technique, the choice of varieties is also important. Due to their value in crop rotation, variety trials for fodder beet were conducted as part of FABulous Farmers. In this article, these were bundled with the results of other variety trials from Flanders (Hooibeekhoeve and ILVO). That way, you can choose the variety that best suits your farm!

You can read the article here (dutch).