Farmers increase the efficiency of farm and natural resources by using Functional AgroBiodiversity

This project aims to reduce the reliance on external inputs by encouraging the use of methods and interventions that increase the farm’s Functional AgroBiodiversity (FAB).

FAB? What's that?

Functional agrobiodiversity (FAB) is the biodiversity that are usefull for agriculture. Think of pollinators, soil life... When they are implemented actively, it is named a FAB-measure. So these are targeted measures of biodiversity in and around the field to improve pollination, pest management, soil and water quality on the farmland. In FABulous Farmers we aim for 10 FAB-measures. All information on these measures is clustered below.

Now online: What's FAB?

In this video we explain the meaning of FAB.

More about the FAB-measures

Upcoming activities

To get familiar with the possibilities of the FAB measures, we offer a series of activities to guide you: information sessions, demonstration activities, network sessions to share experiences…