Agriculteurs élèvent l'efficacité des ressources naturelles grâce à l'AgroBiodiversité Fonctionelle

Ce projet vise à réduire l'utilisation d'intrants extérieurs en encourageant l'utilisation de méthodes et d'interventions qui augmente l'AgroBiodiversité Fonctionnelle (FAB).

Upcoming activities

To get familiar with the possibilities of the FAB measures, we offer a series of activities to guide you: information sessions, demonstration activities, network sessions to share experiences…

Agroforestry: the movie!

Combining trees with crops or livestock is more productive, better for wildlife and healthier for the planet, but only 3% of the UK’s farmland currently practices agroforestry. This video produced by Soil Association explains the possiblities of Agroforestry!

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